Shade canvases & shade sails

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Shade canvases & shade sails

The shade canvases and the shade sails offer a very high weather resistance and a strong sun protection against UV rays. Used to dress pergolas of your terraces or car shelters, shade sails, velum, etc ...

Confection with hems and eyelets every 20 cm and sandow for fixing.

But also stretched canvas with reinforcement of strap, shackle and stainless steel tensioner.

  • Waterproof fabrics: PVC Pre-stressed Ferrari 605, 502, Stam 6002, Crystal clear, Soltis W96.
  • Micro perforated sheets: Soltis 86, Soltis 92, Soltis 96, Tentmesh, Mermet fiberglass, Batyline.
  • Irisun acrylic fabric.
  • Swimming pool covers, PVC Green / beige and nets.
  • Shades of blinds.

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